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In ancient feudal Japan, subjects of the ruling landlords spontaneously began dancing of joy when discovering Maitake mushrooms. They knew they had found a precious tressure.
But what makes Maitake so special?

The active ingredients D-fraction and l-ergothioneine can help support your immune system, maintain healthy cholesterol levels and help protecting liver function. But did you also know that D-fraction has been used in China as a complementary therapeutic drug in cancer treatments since 2010?

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Traditional use of Maitake

Maitake (grifola frondosa), also known as 'hen of the woods', owes his name to a special story. The Japanese name Maitake is divided into two words: ‘Mai’, meaning 'dancing' and ‘Take’ meaning 'mushroom'. All together Maitake means; dancing mushroom.

Dancing mushroom

For thousands of years, Maitake has been used in Japan as both a food and a medicine. It is speculated that in ancient feudal Japan, local landlords gave their subjects an equivalent weight in silver in exchange for Maitake. The subjects would have spontaneously began dancing of joy when they found Maitake mushrooms, knowing that they would receive a wonderful reward for it.

Secret harvest areas

There is also a story that the Maitake mushroom was so highly prized in Japan that skilled mushroom seekers kept their harvesting areas strictly secret. The locations were only revealed in the wills of the mushroom seekers after they had died. It took a long time before Maitake was commercially cultivated due to these long-kept secrets.

Maitake is also rich in vitamins and minerals, which are:















Maitake mushroom*


Purified water


For thousands of years the Maitake mushroom has been considered a medicinal mushroom in Japan and China. For the past thirty years, this mushroom has also been subjected to scientific research. Researchers have revealed a number of medicinal properties of Maitake that can provide amazing health benefits.

D-fraction (GFP)

Japanese scientists discovered that Grifola frondosa polysaccharide (GFP), also known as D-fraction, is the main active ingredient of Maitake. In 2010, D-fraction was approved in China as a complementary therapeutic drug for the treatment of various forms of cancers.

Health Benefits of D-Fraction

A large number of pharmacological analyses and clinical experiments confirmed the following health benefits of D-fraction:

  • It contributes to the support of the immune system
  • It can help maintaining healthy cholesterol levels
  • It contains antiviral properties

Do you want to know more about this particular mushroom and its potential health benefits? Read more about it in



Maitake also contains a powerful antioxidant called l-ergothioneine, which is particularly specialized in protecting liver function.

About KÄÄPÄ Health


After a traditional Finnish sauna session in 2016, the idea arose between 4 friends to start making their own mushroom extracts in a way that contributes to both human health and the ecosystem. KÄÄPA was born. Now, several years later, KÄÄPA has an enthusiastic team of 20 professionals and a mushroom farm with no less than 20,000 stems. All organic mushrooms are cultivated and extracted in Finland by KÄPA itself.


Het extractieproces


1 kg of dried organic Maitake mushrooms is used to make 20 liters of Maitake Mushroom Extract. There is about 100mg of concentrated Maitake in the maximum intake of 2ml of Maitake Mushroom Extract per day.

Dried fruiting bodies

KÄÄPÄ Health processes dried rather than fresh Maitake fruiting bodies in this tincture which results in an even higher concentration of active ingredients.

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