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In Eastern countries, Shiitake has been praised for many thousands of years because of its culinary applications. And luckily for us, it’s slowly making its way into Western kitchens as well.But did you know that Shiitake has also been lauded for its health-promoting properties in Eastern civilizations for years?

Full of vitamins, minerals, eritadenine, sterols and lentinan, KÄÄPÄ Health's Shiitake Mushroom Extract can help supporting and boosting your immune and defense system.

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Traditional use of Shiitake

Shiitake (Lentinula edodes), has its roots in China and Japan. Shiitake mushrooms have been cultivated there for over a thousand years. The first written record of the cultivation of Shiitake can be traced to Wu Sang Kwuang, born during the Song Dynasty (960-1127 AD). However, some documents mention that the non-cultivated mushroom was consumed as early as 199 AD.

Shiitake mushroom: “Fountain of Youth”

During the Ming- dynasty (1368-1644 AD), physician Wu Juei wrote that the mushroom could be used not only as a food, but also as a remedy for all kinds of ailments and disease symptoms. It was also believed that consuming Shiitake would help prevent premature aging. For this reason, Shiitake got its nickname "Fountain of Youth".

Shiitake is also a source of the following essential vitamins and minerals:




Folic acid















Shiitake mushroom*


Purified water


Much research is being done on the health-promoting properties of Shiitake. This mushroom appears to be rich in the following bioactive compounds:

  • Eritadenine
  • Beta-D-glucans, specifically:


  • Ergosterol


Researchers have found a very special substance in Shiitake, called: Eritadenine. This is a substance that, according to animal studies, affects cholesterol levels and lipids (fat-like substances) in the blood. Several of these animal studies have shown that Eritadenine reduces cholesterol levels.


Hundreds of scientific studies have shown that Lentinan can inhibit cancer cells by strengthening the immune and defense systems. Lentinan does not directly affect cancer cells but focuses on the immune and defense system. Highly concentrated lentinan has been used in Japan as an immunostimulant in the treatment of various cancers since 1980.


Ergosterol is a provitamin that is generally not found in many foods. Ergosterol is converted into vitamin D2 in the presence of sunlight. Vitamin D is known for its supportive effect on the immune system.

About KÄÄPÄ Health

High-quality cultivation

The Shiitake mushrooms for this tincture are selected and harvested by KÄÄPÄ Health itself in Finnish forests. This ensures that the tincture retains its high quality and that only the healthiest and ripest mushrooms with the most active ingredients are selected and harvested. Immediately after harvesting, the Shiitake mushrooms are extracted in 3 ways so that all the best of the Shiitake mushroom is preserved.


1 kg of dried organic Shiitake mushrooms is used to make 20 liters of Shiitake Mushroom Extract. There is about 100mg of concentrated Shiitake in the maximum intake of 2ml of Shiitake Mushroom Extract per day.

Dried fruiting bodies

KÄÄPÄ Health processes dried rather than fresh Shiitake fruiting bodies in this tincture which results in an even higher concentration of active ingredients.

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